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HyAgarose™ HR Agarose, PCR Gradepic HR gel final

HyAgarose™ HR Agarose is a PCR grade, intermediate melting point agarose that efficiently separates small DNA fragments between 20 and 800 bp in length and yields ultra high resolution with high clarity and low background. It is suitable for the analysis of AFLP’s (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms),STR’s(Short Tandem Repeats) and tetranucleotide repeats. Manufactured using innovative Organic Solvent Free Manufacturing process that is greener and more environment friendly. 

ApplicationIdeal for recovery of DNA and RNA. Analytical and preparative electrophoresis of DNA and RNA of 20 to 800 bp in length.  Use HyAgarose™ Selection Guide to choose the right Green Agarose Product for your application.

 Part Number  Product
 R9012HR-100g  HyAgarose™ HR Agarose, PCR Grade, 100g
 R9012HR-50g  HyAgarose™ HR Agarose, PCR Grade, 50g
 R9012HR-10g  HyAgarose™ HR Agarose, PCR Grade, 10g

HyAgarose™ HR Agarose Specification

HyAgarose™ HR Agarose Protocol

HyAgarose™ HR Agarose Literature

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