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HydraAgar™ Bacteriological Agar

HydraAgar™ is used as gelling agent in the culture media preparation for microbial growth in Microbiology, Biochemistry, and bacteriological applications. 

Main advantages of HydraAgar™ Bacteriological Agar are excellent gel strength and transparency optimized for intended scientific application, the absence of impurities and contaminants for optimized growth and development of microorganisms, and lot-to-lot consistency.

HydraAgar™ Bacteriological Agar consists of two types of agar products as shown below:

HydraAgar™ Agar, Bacteriological Grade
Used in the preparation of culture media and other bacteriological applications.  Excellent gel strength (gel firmness), elasticity, clarity, and purity with absence of inhibitors to allow optimized growth and development of microorganisms. 

HydraAgar™ UltraPure Agar, Bacteriological Grade
Highly purified agar, generally used at 1-2%, and recommended for Microbiology and Biochemistry applications.  Through special purification process, the product delivers a lower salt content, superior transparency (clarity), gel strength (gel firmness), elasticity, and purity with absence of inhibitors to allow optimized growth and development of microorganisms.