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HyAgarose™ LM Agarose, Low Meltingpic LM gel final

HyAgarose™ LM Agarose is a Low Melting and gelling point agarose producing gels with great sieving properties and higher clarity when compared with standard agarose. HyAgarose™ LM Agarose is ideal for in-gel manipulations which can be performed without prior extraction of the DNA from the gel slice. Manufactured using innovative Organic Solvent Free Manufacturing process that is greener and more environment friendly. 

Application: Ideal for preparative DNA and RNA electrophoresis, the recovery of DNA and RNA, cloning of tissue culture cells and viral plaque assays.  Ideal for PCR product separation and blotting and analytical electrophroesis of DNA and RNA fragments.  Use HyAgarose™ Selection Guide to choose the right Green Agarose Product for your application.

 Part Number  Product
 R9012LM-100g  HyAgarose™ LM Agarose, Low Melting, 100g
 R9012LM-50g  HyAgarose™ LM Agarose, Low Melting, 50g
 R9012LM-10g  HyAgarose™ LM Agarose, Low Melting, 10g

HyAgarose™ LM Agarose Specification

HyAgarose™ LM Agarose Protocol

HyAgarose™ LM Agarose Literature

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